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Product Specifications:

Solar Blinker
  • Solar cell: Type-Mono crystalline, Voltage-18V/450mA.
  • Battery: Type-Plumbic acid, Voltage-12v/7Ah.
  • LED: Size-Φ5 mm- 204LED or as required.
  • Color: Red, yellow, white etc.
  • Luminous intensity, 8000---9000 mcd.
  • IC Frequency: 1HZ ±20%.
  • Operating time: Sustain power supply continuously for over 4 days when in the wet or rainy days after full-charging.
  • Temperature range:-20 °C----+ 70 °C.
  • Usage condition: With street lamp or not.
  • Guarantee years: One year.
  • Life in use: Over 3 years used in an efficient way.
  • Application: Dangerous roads.
  • Size: 350(L)*350(W)*180(T) mm.
  • Material: PC plastic anti-UV material.
  • Weight: 9kgm.
  • Package: Gross weight: 9.5KGM.
  • Carton size: 30*40* 48CM.

Key features:

These lights can be applied on roads / Highways without any practical difficulty of the availability of electricity at any stop.

  • No digging for electrical connections thus saving the overall cost of Installation.
  • No danger of electric shocks / Hazards of electrocution.
  • The product is low power consumption, long life, low cost operating.
  • This product is made of super-bright LED arrays, single-chip micro-control machine, solar panels, maintenancefree batteries, frame etc.
  • Applied on the roads needing guidance and warning for the vehicles.
  • Solar panel, electronics and optics are fitted inside waterproof and unbreakable housing.

Assembly instructions:

The most parts of the products have been assembled at the factory ,for the consideration of the Transportation convenience and the safety, the customers have to assemble the hat and the solar Panels after receiving the products

  • solar panels, a hat, and four sets
  • Tools needed: Cross screwdriver, wrench

Installation method of the hat:

Hold the hat to be a shape of ring, insert it in the groove around the transparent cover, and take out the mounting screws and make it fixed (four holes)

Installation method of the solar panels:

  • With the wrench to open the screw cap, remove the screw cap, spring pads, and gaskets.
  • Support the solar panels; install the gaskets, spring pads, screw cap.
  • Tighten the screw cap.
  • Insert the solar panel cable in the below two connectors, then it is able to charge for the storage battery.



  • Cell: single-crystalline silicon (3v,75mA)
  • Light source: super luminosity LED;
  • LED quantity: 4 or 6 pcs
  • Luminous mode: varying type /Constant Type
  • Material of light: Aluminum alloy and Polycarbonate
  • Work time: 108 hours above for Varying Type; and more than 24 hours for constant type
  • Storage battery: Ni-MH (1200mAH)
  • Work temperature: -25 to +75 degree C.
  • Resist compression: 30 tons
  • Waterproof grade IP>67
  • View distance: over 800m
  • 11 months warranty

solar Delineator

Portal digital under vehicle inspection system

solar DelineatorDev Solar Delineators are ideal for highway and city roads they are cost economical and durable and are custom made to our clients' specification. they provide excellent reflective performance and aid in showing the shape of the road.


  • solar panel - 16 volts, 10w
  • Battery - 12 volts, 10 AH
  • 24 Hours Flashing


  • As per IRC-67 specification with international / M.O.R.T.&H guidelines


  • 125X125X30MM
  • Aluminium alloy and polycarbonate
  • 6 Led with shank
  • Available in 4 colors

LED Road Signs

Variable Message Signs

VMS, or Variable Message Signs, are electronic and intelligent display panels for road traffic management. They allow text and graphic variable messages to be combined, resulting in a more effective means of controlling traffic.

Application To display:

Variable Message Signs
  • Incident and accidents information
  • Hazard and traffic restrictionsWeather and road conditions information
  • Detects all metals, alloys and ferrites
  • Traffic and travel information

at Road Infrastructure like Express Highways, Toll, Tunnel & Bridges

Over head Lane Signs

LCS – Lane Control Signs are specific variable road traffic signs for lane control. Normally based on graphic messages, with a light design and relatively small dimension, allowing easy installation and configuration for different road infrastructures, like tunnels, bridges, highways, toll plazas, road crossings and interchanges….

Application To display:

Over head Lane Signs
  • Lane open/close/change
  • Variable traffic restriction (bus, truck,)
  • Variable speed limit
  • Hazard lane signalization

at special road infrastructures like tunnels, bridges, highways, toll plazas, road crossings and interchanges

Toll Signs

Toll Signs are specific electronic signs for lane control and driver information at toll plazas. These electronic signs are purpose-designed and built for toll collection area requirements. Each electronic sign can be controlled as a standalone device, linked to the tollbooths equipment, or as part of a network, integrated in the toll control system.

Toll Signs

Application To display:

  • Lane type identification
  • Free flow lane information
  • Toll pricing information
  • Safety information

Warning messages concerning road and traffic conditions just before the vehicle leaves the toll plaza